"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it.  Autograph your work with excellence".  ~Unknown

Litter #2

Tangle was bred to Archie
Litter  due June  10-15th  2017

Kittens  will  be  SBT Bengals 

SBT stands for Stud Book Tradition, a term chosen by, The International Cat Association (TICA). SBT specifies that the Bengal is pedigreed and must be at least 4 generations removed from the Asian Leopard Cat. To be an SBT there must only be Bengal to Bengal breeding.

Accepting  Deposits now.
Prices  will be  
$1500 pet
$3000 breeder 

Pink Girl 

Yellow Girl 

Peach Girl 

Brown Boy

Lynx Boy 

Litter #1 

Paisley was bred to Archie
Litter  Born May 17th 2017

Kittens  are  F2 Benglas 

F-1 ALC parent X domestic Bengal parent
F-2 F1 parent X domestic Bengal parent (has an alc grandparent)
F-3 F2 parent X domestic Bengal parent (has an alc great-grandparent)
F-4 F3 parent X domestic Bengal parent (has an alc great-great-grandparent)

Reservations  will be  accepted  around 1 month old
If  you are interested  in a specivic kitten  pleace  contact  me. 

One  boy and  2 girls  will  be  availalbe. 


​​#1 - Girl - Brown
She's  the  sassy  girl  of  the  litter,  Very  wild  type  markings. 

​​#2 - Girl - Silver, possible  silver charcoal
Tiny  little  girl,  the  quiet  one  of  the  family.

​​#3 - Boy - Coloring  is  still  undetermined.  Possible  silver  and  or  Charcoal.

*  This  boy will be available to a Pet Home only. 

​#4 - Girl - Charcoal 
The  big  girl  in  the  litter. 
She stays  1/2 - 1 oz  larger  than  her  littermates.